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Production process

Warping and Sizing:

     Purpose of warping is line up the warp yarn on warping beam according to width and weight of fabric, hence  may ready for sizing process. Purpose of sizing is avoiding the damage of warp yarn by friction of weaving parts to yarn breakage or damage on surface. It also may combine several warp beams into one weaving beam to reach enough yarn ends.


Before weaving beam loading on weaving loom, all warp yarn need to be hooked up with heddles, droppers & reed.


We use high speed TOYOTA air-jet weaving looms to produce the high quality fiberglass fabric.


After weaving, the sizer need to be removed from fabric, fiber glass fabric is using high temperature treatment which will remove most of seizer out. After the 1st desizing, the embryonic is set in a batch oven to continued heated to remove the rest 10%  sizer off.


After desizing, the fabric should be treated by  the SILANE to improve the interlocking ability between the glass fabric and epoxy resin.


Make the fiberglass cloth to prepreg by impregnating with epoxy resin,then press the prepreg to epoxy sheet or laminate. And the copper clad laminate will be make after press the copper foil on the suface of the laminate.