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 Shandong Classic New Material Co.,Ltd specializes in the production of electronic fiberglass cloth 

 Shandong Classic New Material Co.,Ltd 

Central Exchange: 0533-2840888

Domestic Sales Dep. Tel/Fax:0533-2840017

Domestic Sales Dep. Email:egfabric@163.com

Foreign Trade Dep.    

Email: yaoweiguokai@163.com 

Skype: kylekuo2010@hotmail.com

Tel/Fax:86-533-2840116  MP/Wechat:13409017272

Office Address:

NO.1,Qingyuan Road,Gaoqing,Zibo,Shandong,China

Foreign trade corporation :

Zibo Qiyuan Economic and Trade CO.,Ltd

Shipping agent:

Zibo Shijin International Freight Agency Co.,Ltd.


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Online message